‘Go searching for the parts of your soul that you’ve lost‘

Karina Geldner

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Psychological Compass is a place where you can simply be yourself. It is a place to overcome loneliness in a world where intimate and connected conversations, that can be so therapeutic and rewarding have yet become so rare.

SPEAK TO someone who truly listens

Nowadays it’s difficult to find someone who truly listens. We are all too busy, or we are scared to open up and trust people who we are close to. We all have secrets, that we hide, because we fear to be rejected, frowned upon or worst case scenario lose our face or reputation. We don’t show our true face to anyone, especially not the ones we love because there is too much at stake. Ever so often we feel misunderstood or judged, which causes even more loneliness. Our mind and soul can only open up and speak, if we truly allow our heart to open up, without any restriction. It can be helpful to know, that the person who listens is also someone, who will see our true selves without condemnation or someone who has the capability to recognize our true soul. Someone who can listen and see our strengths and weaknesses to guide us through our sometimes confused and lonely minds.

Feel understood without being judged

Sometimes the best listener and companionship we have ever experienced was a complete stranger, perhaps on a journey, someone we sat next to on the train or the plane, in a waiting room, hiking in the mountains or anywhere on our individual journeys. There is no risk because we most likely won’t see that person again and we don’t have any strings attached. That’s when we allow ourselves to drop our defenses and simply tell it as it is.

We all crave to be accepted and loved unconditionally!

Close and truthful connections with others allow us to explore life’s depths and with time and as greater self-awareness develops, we can learn to understand the depths of our emotions by taking time for introspection. We can gain great insight into ourselves and others by developing a true sensitivity to the complexity of emotional needs and responses. As we understand the depth of our own nature, we learn to recognize the true motivations and complexities in others as well.

This is what psychological compass is offering.

A place to talk and share.
A listening ear, a companion, a space for raw conversation and support without judgment.
A guide and place to go within and connect with your mind, heart, and soul.

— Consultations —

Cognitive And Behavioral Psychology Online Consultations

Contact me via Email and arrange a Skype meeting on the following topics:
Conversational SOS
Emotional development and comprehension
Personality development and Self-understanding
Therapeutical yoga and breathing techniques

Cognitive and behavioral psychology combined with empathy and guided interpretation and observation will help you get a clearer picture of yourself and others.

What do you allow to happen when you decide to reach out for psychological help?

deeper and more honest relationships

The human body, mind, and spirit are a connected unity, which can become too complex if we don’t understand our emotions, motivations, reactions, beliefs, self-perception as well as a perception of others, or habit of thought and the ‘connectors.‘ Having a clearer understanding of ourselves and others allows for deeper and more honest relationships and allows us to make better choices emotionally and professionally and improve physically.

discovering your individual ‘healing tools’

You can discover your individual ‘healing tools‘ to loosen and unravel your emotional knots and the self-defeating patterns they reinforce. Fear, anger, shame, judgment, anxiety, arrogance, and so on, set you off-center and tighten your inner emotional knots because they constrict your energy. You can loosen them with conscious breathing techniques and therapeutic yoga, which improves the communication between the inside and the outside.

Our body, mind, and spirit encompasses all the tools to resolve psychological and therefore also physical problems, if we can put our unique puzzle together, authentically.

Communicating better

Through better communication with ourselves and others, with a better inner (and outer) understanding, we can take the responsibility for ourselves, our actions and reactions and therefore develop our inner potential to the fullest. 

Understanding your natural compass, emotions and types of emotional responses.

We have 4 major functions. Each of the four functions has its special area of expertise: thinking refers to the process of cognitive thought; sensation is a perception by means of the physical sense organs; feeling is the function of subjective judgment or valuation; intuition refers to perception via the unconscious. No single function by itself (neither attitude alone) is sufficient for ordering our experience of ourselves or the world around us.

For a complete orientation, all four functions should contribute equally. Thinking should facilitate cognition and judgment, feelingshould tell us how and to what extent something is important or unimportant for us, sensation should convey concrete reality to us through seeing, hearing, tasting, etc. Intuition should enable us to divine the hidden possibilities in the background since these too belong to the complete picture of a given situation.

Those, however, are no real guidance, if they are distorted. There is no accurate typology either, it can only show us the uniqueness of each individual. Each and every one of us is a conglomeration, an admixture of attitudes and functions, that in their combination defy classification. We are a source of both – our creative and destructive energies.

Find relief with:

Personality development · Emotional development · Coping mechanisms · Burn out · Career changes · Trauma · Choice making 

· Grief · Relationships · Communication · Social and cultural changes/challenges when moving abroad

It is like everyone tells a story about themselves. Inside their own head. Always. All the time.

That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.

– Patrik Rothfuss

— About me —

Karina Geldner

I’ve studied communication, psychology, and sociology, which on many levels has taught me about the complexity of words, expression, feelings, culture, emotions, and diversity. Experiencing and working through various situations was also a great part of my development and empirical skills.

I am also a certified yoga instructor and use therapeutical yoga exercises and breathing techniques as support.

In my meetings, I would like you to have the opportunity to acquire comprehensive knowledge that will develop and improve your skills. Furthermore gain systematic understanding of your unique compass which is entirely within yourself.

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Contact me via Email and arrange a Skype meeting.